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Company profile

Beijing Innochem Science & Technology co., LTD.,  was established in September 2010, Innochem is headquartered in Beijing, located in the bustling CBD center, with branches in the United States, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and offices in Wuhan, Shijiazhuang and Changchun.Innochem adhere to the international standards, pay attention to the international advanced enterprise cooperation and exchanges.Its main business is divided into import brand agent business, independent brand business and export business.

Beijing Innochem Science & Technology co., LTD., Adhering to the "professional team and professional services, to build a professional chemical biological reagent company" business philosophy and "Thanksgiving, shoulder responsibility, work together to create a better future" cultural concept.Innochem core team members, all has the world famous chemical enterprise, has ten years of professional management background, relying on a strong core team lineup, as well as the global supplier resources, is committed to provide scientists worldwide with high quality, comprehensive, integrated chemical products, life sciences reagents and laboratory equipment, consumables, etc., to implement one-stop service.

Innochem has 5,000 square meters of professional dangerous goods chemical warehouse, with more than 3,000 square meters of production and testing workshop,with more than 16,000 kinds of commonly used spot inventory, has a perfect logistics transportation system, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin has fully realized the "same-day arrival" service, in the last kilometer delivery service nationwide.

Innochem reagent with leading domestic procurement platform, platform for comprehensive high quality product, the price of the real time and inventory, and a variety of search way, accurate search results and unique structured search, can according to the brand, packaging specifications and spot do screening, self-help registration order simple mode, perfect order approval private custom function by the majority of customers and praise.

Innochem dedicated service, will be dedicated to provide customers with quality product lines, fast logistics services and professional technical support services.

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